Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Newest Jewelry Design!

Hey Everyone!

The following pictures are of my latest jewelry design!  I originally made it for a local store here in Cartersville, but I will be posting it on etsy soon!
This necklace features blue puana shell beads, red Czech fire-polished beads, and incorporates antique silver accents to complement the pewter pendant. 
Thank you for your interest in our products!  We appreciate your business!

I pray that you all have an abundantly blessed day!

- Destiny

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1860's Inspired Necklace

Dear Blog Readers,

I just thought you might like to see a necklace and earring set that I made for myself, for it is a rare occurrence that I make jewelry just for me.  Isn't that ironic?  Me, a custom jewelry designer, only seldom making a piece for my own!  Anyway, that's a completely different story!

To tell you the inspiration behind this necklace, I need to tell you that one of the many things that my family enjoys doing, is going to Civil War reenactment balls.  For those of you unfamiliar to what those are, a group of us get together and we do the same dances popular during the 1860's.  Most balls include dance cards, 1860's style attire, good old fashioned manners, and all the fun that goes with stepping back into the past!  To get an idea of what the attire is like, the below picture is of myself at a Civil War Ball.  It is hard to get a good photo of someone while they are dancing, so please ignore the blurriness of the photo . . . and all of the totally unauthentic, red SOLO cups on the windowsill.

 So, this is one my three ballgowns, and I needed a necklace to match it!  I wanted it to be consistent with what they wore in the Civil War Era, so I did some research.  To my immense pleasure, I discovered that the most popular pieces of jewelry back then were cameos.  They had cameo brooches, necklaces, hairpins, earrings, bracelets, etc.  Needless to say, I decided to go with a cameo for the focal point of my necklace's design! Then, I added some fresh water pearls, antique silver accents, and garnet beads to complete it!

In the end, I had a necklace that went perfectly with my dress because I had designed it for it.  I was complimented on it all night, and many wanted to know where I had found such beautiful necklace that matched my outfit so well!  The answer was simple,"I am a custom jewelry designer, and this is my business!  I look at the purpose, style, colors, and personality I need the piece to have, and then I create it based on those things!"

That could be you!  You could be the one with the perfectly matching jewelry and outfit at the prom, a wedding, a dance, a party, or even on just a random day!  Sometimes you just can't find the right accessories in the stores and you end up having to compromise.  Don't compromise!  The solution is easy!  Have one custom-made!  All you need to do, is send me an email at!   Let me know the purpose, style, colors, and personality you would like your piece to have, and I will incorporate into a design just for you!

Here are some pictures of pieces I have custom designed:

So, are you headed of to a special event?  Do you want something for everyday purposes that matches the colors and styles you wear all the time? Let me know!

Have a blessed day!

Destiny Palmer

Monday, February 4, 2013

NEW Women's Blooming Winter Hat

A friend of mine had a birthday earlier this month, and I designed this hat to give to her as a birthday present!  It originally didn't have the flowers, but I felt the hat needed something to go with her elegant, fun personality!  Long story short, she loved it!  And I had so much fun making it!

So, I am now selling these handmade beanies!  Each hat is only $15.00, they come in both women sizes and girls sizes, and, if I can find the yarn, I can make them in any two-color combination! 

To order go to!

Happy Monday!

Adorning America is NOW ON Etsy!!!

Dear Blog Readers,

It is my pleasure to announce that as of this afternoon Adorning America is now on Etsy!  So, you can now purchase our products easily online!

Check it out!  We are still in the process of listing products, so keep checking back to see what all we have to offer!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 2013!


A new year has come and along with it has come NEW designs from Cool Cords!

We've added the fishtail weave bracelet!  It costs the same cost as our classic bracelets and has just as much cord!  You can order them in one color or duo-toned with either the buckle or knot-and-loop clasp!
We've also added some variety to our striped bracelets!
We have the classic short dash, short interval weave! 
 NEW -- Long dash, medium interval weave
 NEW -- Short dash, long interval weave
NEW -- Short dash, medium interval weave!
To have a bracelet custom-made, email us!
Happy 2013!!!!