Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sport Your Faith with Style!

     Looking for an awesome Christmas gift?  Cool Cords has a brand new paracord bracelet design!  Same popular weave, but with a cross added to the center, making it the perfect gift for a guy or gal who loves to sport their faith with style!

Great for a guy or a gal!  Comes in any size and a variety in colour!
My father offered to model one for us, so we could demonstrate what it looks like on someone.
For info on ordering email us at adorningamerica@gmail.com
Have a lovely Christmas season!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sent Across the Country with Love

      I just sent off my first mail order this last week.  It was exhilarating that people out of state were interested in my jewelry.  Okay.  Maybe it was my aunt who happens to live out of state.  But.  Hey!  It was still so cool to package up one of my very own pieces of jewelry to ship out as an order.  So far all of my orders have been able to be delivered locally. 

     I designed this necklace for my aunt, a very sophisticated lady from the west with quite a stylish flair.  I used all natural polished shell beads with antique silver accents.   
     So, I carefully packed them in a padded box and I hand-designed a logo for the top of the lid.

         Then I placed them in a box and sent across the with love!  So, that is my big and exciting news of the week! 
   Have a great week!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

How I Got My First Order

     The first order that I ever got!  You know, that one that surprises you because you never really thought that your homemade necklace around your neck was something someone would want to buy from you!  That one that boosts your confidence and makes you think that other people might one too!  That one that causes you to start your own jewelry business!  That first order!

     Well, at least that's what my first order did for me!  A year and a half ago, after a meeting, one of my mentors came up to me, complemented me on my necklace, and asked me where on earth I had gotten it.  When I admitted that I made it myself, she promptly offered to buy one from me!  Simple as that!  I had my first order!  One that I hadn't even thought of trying to get! 

     Well, here I am a year and half later, the owner of my very own jewelry business!  And that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cool Cords

Today I have decided to post something about Cool Cords, which is my brother, Daniel's part of our business.  Here's how it all started.  Last year, he started making stuff out of para cord after some family friends' uncle came for a visit last August. Their uncle had started making para cord survival bracelets a few years ago, and he happened to bring all of his paraphernalia with him.  Daniel thought it was the coolest thing ever!  They looked awesome, were comfortable, fun to make, and actually served a purpose if you happened to be in an emergency situation.  In his mind, the fact that it was practical  made something that was already extremely cool, even cooler! 

Seeing what our friends' uncle had done with his business inspired Daniel.  He decided that it would be a cool hobby to pick up, so as soon as we got home, he started looking up how make stuff out of para cord and creating his own techniques to improve each design he learned.  Within a couple of months, Daniel was practically an expert on the art of para cord weaving!

It wasn't long before he started receiving orders for bracelets.  He knew nothing about any of the details to running a small business or even advertising, he just had a gift of a salesman and was able to convince people that his product was better!  All of his orders were strictly done by word of mouth and he was great at clinching deals; which was the one area I was the worst in. 

By this time, I had been trying to get my jewelry business up and going for several months and had only received a couple of orders.  I had been reading about how to start a successful home business, but somehow that wasn't enough.  What I was lacking was the gift of born salesmanship; something my brother had!  In fact, at about 6 years of age, he proclaimed to my mother,"Mom, I was born with entrepreneurship!"  This was said right after having the idea to sell some of his original art work.  He might have failed in his attempt, but at least he had the courage to get out there and try!

I was good at logistics.  Daniel was good at being bold.  I might have had a thought out business plan, but he was the one out there getting orders even though he didn't even have a business name.  I realized we both had something to offer each other, so I offered for him to become my business partner!  He was flattered that his older sister would give him an offer like that and accepted almost immediately.  I am so glad he did! 

Daniel makes the highest quality para cord products I have ever seen!  His most popular products right now are his bracelets and his key fobs!  He can make them in several different colors, designs, and sizes!

Here are a few pictures!

Contact us at adorningamerica@gmail.com for pricing!

Have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Our First Post with Many to Come!

 Adorning America is a custom jewelry business that my brother and I started in 2011. We had the idea to start this business together after I had discovered the joy of creating custom beaded jewelry and he had become enthralled with making 550 paracord survival bracelets. What started out as individual hobbies soon turned into a partnered effort of entrepreneurship! As we embarked on this mission, being the older sibling, I started reading books on how to make a home business work. In my research I found that the most common piece of advice was to start a blog. Thus this first post!

I've been told that any blog post is better with a picture, so here's one of my most recent designs! 

This is a jewelry set I designed for my cousin as a graduation gift. She is always full of spunk and loves "happy" colors, so I tried to incoropate both in the design. In doing so, I created a new category called Naturally Funky.    In the necklace, I used all natural beads including fresh water pearls, turquiose stone, polished shell, and copper accents! The pendant is a large piece of polished shell with a small pressed flower sealed onto it.  The earrings are very comfortable clip-ons, and the braclet is strung on an elastic strand! 

I will try to post each design, as I come up with them, here on this blog, so keep checking in to see what's new!

I'm currently working on our portfolio site.  Hopefully I'll have it up soon!

Happy Monday!

Destiny Palmer